Beyond the Butterflies~

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I’m Carl in this scenario

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Didn’t they teach you anything? Charm school


locations - beast’s castle ♔

So we went over to the Loire Valley in France where the River Loire runs along. […] And there was one chateau that just stood out as stunning. It was the one of Chambord, built by François de Pontbriant. And he designed this castle that just had this imposing power and strength to it. And the truth of that place adds credibility to your drawing in a funny kind of a way. I guess, you know, just to explain to you a little bit about how I think, and when I was a kid, I didn’t do drawings to do a drawing of something. I did a drawing so I could enter into an imaginary world. My paper was like a magic mirror that I could do a drawing, and you just step right through it and suddenly you’re living in the time of the dinosaurs, or you’re living somewhere and you’re experiencing it. And that with that castle, that was really important as a place where I could step into it - Glen Keane [Discovering the Beauty in the Beast.]

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"Queen of the Boogie", Hadda Brooks

Nini Theilade in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 1935

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mystarshinesatnight : and she dies everytime he longs for her

Indian Princess - Peta Todd